• Introduction to tensor network (1)

    Tensor networks provide a general framework to describe many interesting and important concepts in condensed matter physics and quantum information theory, such as topological orders, entanglement, and even holographic duality.

  • Notes on modular tensor category (1)

    Category theory formalizes many mathematical structures, especially the mapping between “objects”. A modular tensor category is a category with some extra structures and can provide a mathematical foundation for some physical concepts, especially the topological orders.

  • Project Euler (51–60)

    欧拉计划 51–60 题。

  • Project Euler (41–50)

    欧拉计划 41–50 题。

  • Project Euler (31–40)

    欧拉计划 31–40 题。

  • Project Euler (21–30)

    欧拉计划 21–30 题。

  • Project Euler (11–20)

    欧拉计划 11–20 题。

  • Project Euler (1–10)

    欧拉计划 1–10 题。